What makes Stratiform different


Choices, Choices

The American Mountain Guiding Industry is a crowded world with many options. Stratiform is different. When you choose to work with us, you choose individualized attention,  education, flexibility, compassion, technical proficiency, certification, and direct contact.  


Less (people) = More 

Your pre trip correspondence (helping you choose what program is right for you) is with Brent, who'll be your guide on the day (unless more guides are needed due to ratio constraints). This streamlines your communication process. You don't need to tell office admin, sales people, and your guide your life story. You just tell Brent once (or twice if its been a while) and you're done. In addition you know the caliber of the guide that your hiring. Not all guides are the same and when you go to a large Guide Service you may luck out and get booked with an experienced, personable, high caliber and good smelling guide... Or you may not. Its pure happenstance. Here, you know you'll be working with Brent. 


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Individualized Attention

No hoards of avalanche education students or crowded intro to rock climbing courses filling with tourists here. Here at Stratiform we do not have endless clientele and we know that we have to work for your business and work even harder to keep your business. You are not just a face amongst a crowd when you book your programs here, you are one of a short list of people who's lives we seek to add value to. Economics, and the benefits of community drive us to make our courses and experiences open enrollment (unless otherwise arranged) but we keep an appropriately low ratio to make sure that you are still receiving full value.