Washington State

Washington offers beautiful backcountry skiing opportunities. Highlights include the ski touring terrain around Snoqualmie Pass, the multi day ski traverses in the North Cascades National Park, and the ski mountaineering  descents of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shucksan. 


Guide Fees:

1 person cost:

2 People/person cost:

3 people/person cost:

4 people/person cost:

5 people/person cost:

6 people/person cost:

Additional cost:

Day tours:







Guide travel costs on a case by case basis

Extended Objectives:








Example Objectives/Trips: 

  • Guided Ski Touring or instruction in the accessible terrain on Snowqualmie Pass. 
  • 2 day guided Ski descent of Mt. Baker's Coleman Demming
  • 2 day guided ski descent of Mt. Shucksan's North Face
  • Mt. Baker, or Mt. Shucksan in-a-day
  • Glaciated Ski mountaineering skills instruction on Mt. Baker or Mt. Shucksan

Getting there:

All of the skiing in Washington that Stratiform guides is at most a few hour drive from Seattle or Bellingham. We will typically meet you in one of these cities, and then drive together to the chosen venue. 


Accommodation :

For single day tours you will want to book private accommodation. There are many options available and we can recommend one that suits your chosen itinerary.  For multi-day trips in the North Cascades, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Shucksan we will sleep in lightweight, 4 season, tents or snow shelters.