Rock climbing Gearlist

Please review the following gear list well ahead of your trip to allow time to purchase any items that you need. Feel free to contact me with any specific question.

*Designates items you can rent from me. A “rock climbing kit” is $15/day. Please let me know well ahead of time if you need to rent gear.

Personal Climbing Gear

  • Modern Climbing Harness*

  • Climbing shoes (fit for comfort)

  • Rock climbing helmet*

  • belay device*

  • 3 locking carabiners*

  • 1 double length sling*

  • 2 non locking carabiners*

  • small day pack (20-30 liters, everything can fit inside of it)


  • Longsleeve/Short  Sleeve  T­ shirt  (Cotton  &  Synthetic/Merino  Wool)  ­ 

  • Waterproof  Shell  Jacket

  • Insulated jacket

  • Climbing/hiking/atheletic  Pants,  Shorts,  &/or  Capris 

  • Sturdy, athletic shoes


  • Sunglasses

  • Sun screen

  • Sun hat

  • Camera


  • Lunch and snacks for 4-8 hours of physical exertion

  • 2 liters of water