rescue Skills for Rock Climbers


This two day program focuses on a key component of rock climbing risk management: what to do if something goes wrong. This course will provide you with a plethora of tools for responding to the most common accidents and problems that rock climbers face. We will discuss how to prevent said problems, but we will emphasize how to deal with them if they do arise.  The focus will be problems, accidents, and issues most relevant to mulitpitch trad rock climbing, but many of the skills learned can be applied across many different styles and forms of climbing.  

Learning outcomes include:

  • Knots and gear useful to rock climbing rescue applications 
  • Ascension and descending techniques and tools
  • Hauling techniques, damaged rope techniques, rappelling techniques, and stuck rope solutions
  • How to rescue a fallen and hurt lead climber, leader or follower. 
Rock Climbing Rescue Course
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Price: $450/person 

Program Length: 2 days

Dates: April 30-May 1, May 21-22, June 4-5, September 10-11, October 15-16,  Custom dates available if you have a large group 

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Max Ratio 6:1, Minimum Ratio 2:1


  • Experience leading or following mulitpitch climbs
  • Comfort and familiarity with your equipment

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*Boulder based programs are run through partnership with a local guide service: The Colorado Mountain School. 

Whats included:

  • 2 days of instruction from an experienced and skilled IFMGA licensed guide 
  • Group Gear 
  • Park Entrance fees if applicable

What to expect:

Day 1: Meet and greet in Boulder, CO then travel to crag in Boulder Canyon. We will spend the morning covering key knots and hitches for rescue applications. Then we'll cover:

  • Ascending a rope
  • Descending with a hurt partner
  • Hauling a following climber

Day 2: Meet in Boulder then travel to Eldorado State Park. We'll then cover strategies for cut or stuck ropes and then spend the majority of the day going through live scenarios.