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Mountaineering is the literal conquest of pursuing something higher than ourselves. To find it, climb it, and stand on top of it via trails, rock, ice, snow, glaciers, ridges, and faces. Our courses focus on the techniques and knowledge necessary to climb self supported, mid elevation technical and non technical peaks through out the world. Climbing technical mountains requires an interdisciplinary understanding ranging from ultralight backpacking to steep ice climbing, and we have a curriculum developed to hit on all of these important facets. Browse our course offerings and explore the world of summits and sunrises. 


Our mountaineering courses are run in the mountains surrounding Denver, Colorado; on Mt. Baker, Washington; and in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

 Alpine Climbing Mentorship Week

Glaciers, steep snow, ice, rock, and all the thrills of the alpine under the TUTELAGE of a skilled guide

7 days of instruction and application in the wild Coast Range of British Columbia

Hut Based, Helicopter Access

$2800.00 Per Person, All Inclusive Airport to Airport

Dates available June to September



Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to Mountaineering

Lay the ground work for a new Lifelong Passion

5 days of instruction and application

Custom Dates available from June through September



Learning Outcomes:

Advanced Mountaineering

This weeks emphasis is on climbing and managing steep snow, ice, and mixed Mountaineering

$1500.oo Per Person, 5 days of instruction and application

Dates available from April through June

Program  based in the Mountains surrounding Denver Colorado



Learning Outcomes: