gym to Crag Transition Weekend


This week long program is designed to help someone quickly accelerate the learning curve of becoming a moderately self-reliant rock climber.  Designed for those with limited to no rock climbing experience with a healthy does of motivation, the immersion week will pay dividends through a newly acquired life passion. The focus of the 5 days is time spent rock climbing and practicing to achieve mastery of fundamental skills. 

Learning outcomes include:

  • Developing understanding of basic rock climbing knots and gear 
  • Mastery of lead and top rope belay techniques 
  • Developing experience of rock climbing movement skills including slab, crack, and steep climbing technique
  • Developing experience and understanding of rappel techniques
  • Developing experience and understanding of following and cleaning mulitpitch routes 
  • Mastery of fundamental rock climbing communication 

*The goal of this program is for someone to be able to enter it with zero rock climbing experience, and by the end of it, be able to go confidently top rope climbing or multi pitch climbing with a seasoned climbing partner/experienced mentor 

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Price: $1125/person 

Program Length: 5 days

Dates: May 5-9, September 15-19  Custom dates available if you have a group 

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Max Ratio 6:1, Minimum Ratio 2:1


  • A moderate level of fitness
  • Eagerness and motivation to become a rock climber

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Whats included:

  • 5 days of instruction from an IFMGA licensed mountain guide 
  • Group Gear 
  • Park Entrance fees if applicable

What to expect:

Day 1: Meet and greet in Boulder, Colorado. Discuss risk management, perform gear check and chat about basic gear choice. Travel to a nearby crag to spend the day top rope climbing. 

Day 2: Morning instruction session on how to follow a multi pitch climb. Spend the afternoon climbing a 2-3 pitch route applying the techniques. 

Day 3: A less physically demanding day. Session on advanced lead belay techniques and how to clean a two bolt anchor (essential skills to have for your friends to take you climbing!)

Day 4: Spend the morning focusing on more climbing at a single pitch crag. Practice rappel techniques in the afternoon.

Day 5: Capstone day. Climb to your hearts content applying all of the knowledge gained throughout the week.