The Bastille Crack: 5.7+ 5 pitches

The Bastille Crack: 5.7+ 5 pitches

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The Bastille Crack is THE 5.7 to do in the area. No approach, no rappelling, and 5 excellent, sustained, and exposed pitches bring you to to top of the Bastille Formation and to the top of a maybe the most famous 5.7 multi pitch route in the world. The route stays shady all summer long so this makes it an excellent option in the warmer months. 

This climb is done on a custom basis, you name the dates and we'll make it happen! This is a one day outing, normal times are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm though we will finalize details depending on season, weather, etc. 

Prices are per-person. 

*Boulder based programs are run through partnership with a local guide service: The Colorado Mountain School. 

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